The RISO SE9380 digital duplicator offers exceptional print quality at unrivalled maximum print speed and incredibly low cost, enabling easy and efficient large volume printing. It reproduces photographs and text with remarkable image quality and, in addition to enhanced environmental features, incorporates a variety of improved print functions.And the highly durable SE series let you use various type of paper, making them more versatile than ever.


Unrivalled maximum print speed of 185 pages per minute.


In addition to an adjustable five-speed function for printing between 60 and 130 pages per minute, the RISO SE9380 digital duplicator has a high-speed mode that prints at a maximum speed of 185 pages per minute, the fastest in the industry, or approx. 925 pages in five minutes. A variety of documents, including meeting handouts and marketing and promotional material, can be printed in a speedy and efficient manner regardless of the required paper size.

Note: Comparison of the RISO SE9380 (185 pages per minute) and RISO EZ 5 Series (130 pages per minute) digital duplicators with monochrome photocopiers (A4 size, 40 pages per minute) and monochrome laser printers (A4 size, 20 pages per minute).


The RISO SE9380 first creates a master copy of the original document, from which prints are made. The printing cost per copy of a document goes down with every print, making the RISO SE9380 highly economical for large-volume printing. You can use the optional “A4/letter drum” to print these popular sizes even more efficiently to save master usage, holding down running costs to a minimum.


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